• "Some of the best I have ever flown with. Period. Seriously. You better think I am serious."
    - A. Riley
  • "They got my cargo there safe and sound. I had nothing to worry about."
    - T. Baily
  • "They brought my shipyard some of the best quality materials I have ever seen!"
    - C. Timms
  • "If it wasn't for the supplies they just offered to us we would have been gone!"
    - D. Solomon
  • "Their security officers are even more professional than the Advocacy officers!"
    - E. Mitchell

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Latest News

BendroCorp re-titles some of its employees

29Sep2943 5PM

Repost from Terra Gazette

Today BendroCorp announced that it is retitling a good percentage of its employee base. The Freight Pilots of the corporation have been renamed Freight Operators. Executiv...


Director of Salvage: Trave Bosra

21Sep2942 10PM

BendroCorp is pleased to announce after careful review, unanimous vote by the Executive Board and demonstration of his enthusiasm for the profession Outrigger Trave Bosra is being promoted to become the Director of the newly formed Salva...


Announcing the Salvage & Exploration Division

18Sep2942 11AM

Press Release (Year 2943)

Today BendroCorp is announcing that we will be founding a new division. That division is the Salvage & Expl...